The cover to Hope Larson’s next graphic novel is now up at Amazon. We want.


  1. When she was signing at the Oni booth, she had galley copies of it for the first few that got there, and my daughter snagged one. It is a GREAT book. Almost a Canadian Garcia-Marquez…

  2. Why wouldn’t the cover have the “Eisner Award Winner” blurb? Novels often have a blurb about awards either the book or the author has won.
    It’s SMART marketing.

  3. I didn’t mean to be sassy. There was recently a comment that there wasn’t (print?) media coverage of the Eisner Awards. Since award winners deserve to stand out, I thought it was nice that the publisher would tout the award. The placement of “Eisner Award winner” on the front cover might be unconventional.

    BTW, the following Google searches yielded:

    Hugo Award winning writer 120 hits
    Nebula Award winning writer 74 hits
    Eisner Award winning writer(/artist) 377 hits
    Harvey Award winning writer 36 hits

    That’s after duplicate hits are eliminated.


  4. Very lovely understated design. Comic book publishers and such, should take notice. How much will this stand out on a shelf? I personally, am so tired of photoshop effects and big noise all over the covers of publications. It’s like the Image school of cartoonists verses Alex Toth. More lines and chaos do not make a better drawing. Give me simple and confident every time!