It’s looks like Devil’s Due is the latest comic book company to set up a colony in Tinsel Town:

as they’ve hired Stephen Christy to run an LA office, and liase with everyone in sight. According to the Variety piece, DD already has DRAFTED set up at New Line.

Christy will serve as manager of intellectual property development, overseeing adaptations of Devil’s Due properties as films, TV shows and videogames. He’ll also work on developing graphic novels and books for third-party production companies.

Until now, Devil’s Due prexy Josh Blaylock has been shepherding the publisher’s entertainment efforts, working with William Morris Agency, which reps the company.

The story mentions Lost Squad and Hack/Slash as also being in the works. Christy previously worked in development at Marvel and on such shows as “America’s Next Top Model,” “The Real World” and “The Shot.”