Calling all Hilda fans! If you haven’t downloaded Hilda Creatures for your iOS device, we’ve got the 4-1-1 on this sweet, laid-back game. Fans of Neko Atsume and Tiny Bird Garden, wherein you can decorate gardens, place toys and treats, and leave out food to attract various cats or birds, respectively, will also love Hilda Creatures.

The premise of this Hilda-based game is similar to other collecting-genre games. Per a press release from developer BIGUMAKU, Hilda Creatures offers two maps based on locations explored in Luke Pearson’s graphic novel series, originally published by Nobrow, which have been adapted for the Hilda animated series on Netflix.

Players can leave items to attract creatures while they’re away or interact with creatures “face to face” by chatting with elves, petting woffs, or picnicking with birds. Each time creatures visit or interact with players, their friendship level increases, leading to higher levels, more rewards, new locations to explore, and more creatures to befriend!

To acquire items for their creature friends, players trade acorns with the Wood Man for toys and more. They can also plant flowers and leave out tasty snacks. In-app purchases allow players who want to spend some real-life cash to acquire rare golden acorns, which can be traded for premium items and foods.

By photographing creatures, players can also curate photo albums documenting each of their creature interactions.

Hilda Creatures is currently available for free download via iTunes. All 13 episodes of the animated series are currently available to stream on Netflix.