Some piccies:

IMG 4236

CNI’s Jimmy Aquino and friends at dinner at Merts.

IMG 4237

Crazy day of the dead imagery fills the park near the con.

IMG 4243

Andy Belanger sketching away at Friday’s Drink ‘n’ Draw

IMG 4256

Baltimore ComicCon’s Marc Nathan showed off his well-coiffed infant son.

IMG 4257

The show includes an excellent display of contemporary comic strip art.

IMG 4258

A piece from the collection.

IMG 4260

Also on display, art from the AKIRA animated movie. The live-action one is, sadly, dead for now.

IMG 4262

Roy Thomas and Cully Hamner after the Comics Goes Movies panel.

IMG 4264

Tommy Lee Edwards‘ two children charmed everyone as Hit-Girl and Kick-Ass.

IMG 4266

Teenage Satan’s Stephanie Buscema.

IMG 4269

Ninjasaur’s Jason Horn

IMG 4277

Rich Tomaso in Indie Island

IMG 4284

We totally coveted Farel Dalrymple’s grunge-era yellow sweater.

IMG 4287

Terry Moore, Robin Moore and Billy Tucci catch up.

IMG 4290

Ryan Sook whose excellent covers will grace the DEADMAN relaunch.

IMG 4295

How many comics folks can YOU spot in the barcon revelry that raged on Saturday?


IMG 4298

At the end of the evening, attendees at a White Party mingled with the fun. Amazing!


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