The Hero Foundry is an organization devoted to raising money to aid the devastated New Orleans library system, and they’ve put together a convention sketchbook benefit:

The theme for this year’s Sketchbook was Supermen and Mutants in honor of the release of Superman Returns and X-Men 3. The book contains some tough looking mutants and lots of strong supermen as well as many drawings by artists who chose to do their own character, or just something completely different. Among the amazing artwork featured are drawings of Superman by Brian Hitch, Brian Denham, Dustin Nguyen, Ryan Sook, John Paul Leon, Ben Dunn, Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa, Scott Kurtz, J.E. Smith, Marc Andreyko, Andy Lee, Tim Seely, Franco, Zander Cannon, Josh Middleton, Yanick Paquette, Dave Johnson, Mitch Breitweiser, Bill Tucci, and Kody Chamberlain. Members of the X-men family are represented by Bill Sienkiewicz, Charlie Adlard, Art Balthazar, Billy Tan, Tone Rodriguez, Marc Wolfe, Greg Horn, Taki Soma, David Finch, Talent Caldwell, Chris Moreno, Angel Medina, and Paul Milligan. Other contributors are Tony Bedard, James Kolchalka, Steve Galgas, Gail Simone, Stan Sakai, Gabe of Penny Arcade, Kurt Busiek, Cheeks, Mike Mignola, Skottie Young, Scott Kolins, Jeff Amano, and Buzz. In all there are 44 individual drawings in this beautiful sketchbook. Images from the book are available at
The sketchbook can be found at

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