The third issue of the Image Comics/Top Cow series Helm Greycastle is due out in stores next month, and ahead of its final order cutoff date The Beat has an exclusive preview of six pages from the issue. Written by Henry Barajas and co-writer Claire Napier (who has been credited with script assistance on the previous two issues), with art by Bryan Valenza and Rahmat Handoko, and letters by Gabriela Downie, the issue will feature covers by Chloe M. Giroux and Downie.

Helm Greycastle #3 finds the title hero and his compatriots, still on their quest to rescue the Dragon Prince, as the last hope of saving the people of Mexica from Montezuma III and restoring the prince to his rightful place on the throne. But is there more to Helm than meets the eye, or that even he is aware of?

Check out the exclusive six-page preview below. Helm Greycastle #3 goes on sale on Wednesday, July 14th. Preorders for the new issue of the series are due on Monday, June 28th.

(W) Henry Barajas, Claire Napier (A) Rahmat Handoko, Bryan Valenza (CA) Chloe M. Giroux. Gabriela Downie
Published: July 14, 2021
Diamond ID: APR210299

Montezuma III and the MEXICA Gods have assembled their army. Will Helm and Camazotz be enough to stop the war—and rescue the last dragon prince before it’s too late?

BONUS: This issue includes a Latinx action-adventure RPG (5E Compatible) one-shot by TRISTAN J. TARWATER (Rolled & Told)!

Helm Greycastle #3 Preview Page
Helm Greycastle #3 Preview Page Helm Greycastle #3 Cover AHelm Greycastle #3 Cover B