They’ve been running a few ads on TV, so you might have seen one. Also there’s been a smattering of interest from the media — maybe 50 percent of the blog posts on movie sites over the last month or so. Maybe we’ll catch it when we have a few spare mom–

WHAT AM I SAYING??!?? AVATAR will change everything about movies, entertainment, blue people, 3D and the way you eat popcorn!!!!!! Top critics are raving, and movie nerds are turning into little puddles and sliding quietly under the door. It looks like James Cameron’s big, expensive gamble — and the deafening publicity — may have a payoff after all, and that would be a huge relief, because we haven’t seen so much hype since LAND OF THE LOST, and you know how that tuned out. Maybe Fox didn’t need to ready ALVIN & THE CHIPMUNKS: THE SQUEAKWELL as a box office savior after all.

Please God, let AVATAR make more money than SQUEAKWELL.


  1. I’m jazzed for it, though tempered and balanced because I’m not letting the hype sway me.

    I want to see the pretty visuals, but to say this is *new* technology is akin to rebranding Rap Music as Hip Hop. It’s not reinventing the CGI wheel, it’s making it better. And for me that’s good enough. However, the hype wants me to believe otherwise. Still, as I said… I am jazzed for it.

  2. Saw it today. Really enjoyed it. The best use of 3-D I’ve ever seen as most modern 3-D films just don’t take advantage of it, but this one really does with its amazing alien vistas. Because of its length (2 hours 40 minutes) the IMAX theater where I sw it actually began it on time, not ten minutes late to accomadate people who can’t genetically get to a film on time the way all other movie theaters tend to do.

  3. I suspect it will do good initially, but depending on how good the story actually is, will decrease dramatically after the first two weeks!!

    I mean, really, it’s just another story seeming to retell the classic, nature v. modernization debate! I don’t get why Cameron felt this was soo groundbreaking (obviously, the technology, but really??…) O.o

  4. Nature v. modernization isn’t totally it. Cameron has always been fascinated with how in Vietnam all of our American military technology couldn’t get us ahead against a bunch of guys crawling around in the jungle. It’s a theme that he brought to both Terminator and Aliens. If you look deep enough into any writer, I think you’ll find that they’re only ever just finding ways to tell you the same story (their story) in new and better ways. The reason Cameron is so successful is that people love the way he takes great strides when doing this.

  5. Saw this one during the weekend. Without question, the best film I have seen in a long long time. Solid story, good characters with plausible motivations, and a completely awe-inspiring vision of a planet and its inhabitants. You MUST see this movie.