Here at Stately Beat Manor we are pretty much counting the very SECONDS until the release of HARRY POTTER AND THE DEATHLY HALLOWS. We are refraining from inflicting our mania on readers of this blog, because Potter-mania is pretty much a world wide epidemic right now. But a few items regarding the release of the HP AND THE ORDER OF THE PHOENIX film and the book seem to have general appeal.

After looking at Daniel Radcliffe’s new pictorial in Details, you may wonder just what he meant when he said that Gary Oldman asked to”get physical” with him, but the intense star was just helping Radcliffe with his technique:

The young star recalls, “We’d been doing a few takes, we’d been going at it for about two hours we were probably doing the scene and then he said to me, ‘Dan, do you mind if I do something a little bit more physical with you this time?’ I sort of said, ‘Yeah, fine,’ thinking maybe he was gonna give me a hug or something like that. But actually he took me by the shoulders and shook me incredibly hard for about 30 seconds and shouted at me. The bizarre phenomenon is you sort of regress very quickly into this childlike state and I just started crying… I think it really worked for the scene.”

You go, Gary!

Meanwhile sobering news that one Canadian book store chain has been DENIED ACCESS TO DEATHLY HALLOWS because they are considered too much of a security risk after carelessly placing the LAST book in the shelves days before its planned debut.

Jamie Broadhurst, the marketing veep, told The Globe and Mail, “We have reviewed the security procedures with all our customers, big and small and if we have concerns that the security of the novel can’t be guaranteed, then we’ve made the tough decision not to ship for the on-sale date. … Security is our absolute, paramount concern.”

…Apparently, Raincoast is concerned about some companies, including Mac’s, selling the book early or revealing the secrets within. Two years ago, when Harry Potter and The Half-Blood Prince was released, Raincoast actually got a restraining order from the British Columbia Supreme Court that prohibited anyone who had received an advance copy for any reason to copy or disclose any information about the book. They claimed that they had to take legal action after three grocery stores, including a Mac’s in Calgary, mistakenly sold the book earlier than they were allowed. Raincoast acted fast, taking all copies still in the stores and only resuming shipments after the book was released. Now, Mac’s is banned from selling the new Potter book altogether.

Oh and The National Review Online has a very good but spoiler-filled review of ORDER OF THE PHOENIX. Now what am I doing reading the National Review? Well, I’m full of surprises, that’s what!!!


  1. I’m shocked to learn that Mac’s sells books. It’s a Canadian version of 7-11, right down to the Slurpee knock-off (called a “Froster”). It’s definitely not a “book store”.

    Shucks, now kids won’t be able to line up at midnight with the crack dealers downtown for Deathly Hallows, a Scratch-and-Win ticket and a pack of du Maurier Lights.