A new quest soon awaits with the announcement of the season three premiere of VRV’s HarmonQuest. The Dan Harmon and Spencer Crittenden created comedy series presents a cool blend of fantasy role-playing, animation, and live action that will return to the streaming service August 18.

The video platform-based series has Crittenttden take on the role of game master walking Harmon as well as comedians Erin McGathy, Jeff B. Davis, and a special guest each week through a new fantastical pathfinder adventure; HarmonQuest is performed in front of a live audience.

This season will have a plethora of special guests including Kate Miccuci (Garfunkel and Oates, Steven Universe), Reggie Watts (Musician and comedian The Late Late Show with James Corden), D’Arcy Carden (The Good Place, Barry, Broad City), and Tom Kenny (SpongeBob SquarePants), alongside actors and comedians Carl Tart, Jared Logan, Jessica McKenna, Joel Kim Booster, Matt Gourley, and Tawny Newsome.

This season will be bigger than anything before according to Crittenden. “Fans should get ready to travel with us through time and space on HarmonQuest season three,” he said. “The difficulty class is higher, the campaign arcs are crazier and the dice rolls always kept the team on their toes.”

Crittendens’ comments on the increase in scale seem to be reinforced in the season’s plot synopsis featured below.

The world has been destroyed by the demon helling! To make things worse, Fondue (Dan Harmon) is dead, and his spirit is trapped inside a sword. It’s now up to Buer (Erin McGathy), Boneweevil (Jeff B. Davis), and a mysterious newcomer to find a way to undo the damage done and repair the mistakes that led to the end of the world (and were like, definitely their fault). Seeking the “Beast of Beginning” to reset their past, our heroes traverse time and space to set the world right, but run into increasingly dangerous complications caused by trying to alter the fabric of reality itself

The start of HarmonQuest‘s 10 episode season premieres Sunday, August 18th on VRV.