I know some of you will find this frightening, but it’s that time of the year and it’s vaguely the point.  No, I’m not running for public office and governor hasn’t contacted me about being appointed to the Senate… yet.  It’s worse.  I have side gig writing a series of horror detective stories under the title Harboiled Magic.  The official description goes something like

Mister Lewis has a business card that reads “Physics Consultant,” but what he really consults on are problems that defy the laws of physics. Problems like a cursed dating app or industrial espionage conducted by ghosts. As often is the case with consultants, he does unpleasant work for unpleasant people.

Hardboiled Magic is a genre bender, blending contemporary fantasy, horror and hardboiled detective fiction. Think The Night Stalker by way of Raymond Chandler, Dashiell Hammett and Art Buchwald.

As you may recall, a few months back Heidi was killed off in one of the stories while apartment hunting. (What?  You never believed the stories New Yorkers tell about how rough apartment hunting is?  Believe it!)

This month’s featured story is “The Hipster From Hell,” which concerns a group of young people trying to pay off their loans through blood sacrifice.  (What?  You haven’t heard millennials discussing their loan terms?  The Student Loan Crisis is a thing!)

These stories hit the Magic Detective site two months after crowdfunding backers get them and BY AN AMAZING COINCIDENCE, the second cycle of stories is being funded as we speak.

The theme of the next cycle is “The Memes From Hell” and will feature eight stories inspired by, if not tweaking, some popular Internet Memes from the last few years.


Things like that.

So if any of that’s up your alley, click on over to Kickstarter.

P.S. – Could somebody let Guillermo del Toro know the last story of the cycle is mashing up “leave Brittney Alone” with Cthulhu?


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