Hooray for 2008!


  1. Happy new year to you, too. New years resolutions, anyone? Mine is to get another issue of my comic out before the next San Diego Comic Con, and to not except anything but the highest in comic book excellence, because (as much as many would hate to admit it) we can to a lot better then what most has been passed (and accepted) as comic book excellence in the previous few years. This is not cynicism or taking potshots… just a call to expect more, because comics are worth it. Who’s with me?

  2. Heidi, thanks for making 2007 so much fun!

    My resolution, in regards to the Industry, is to Seduce the Innocent every chance I get at my bookstore. (Did you know Watchmen is a murder mystery? And it won the Hugo Award? And the structure is similar to The Da Vinci Code? Now if I could only work the Romance angle…)

    As a fan, I will continue to seek the best, especially in the growing field of nonfiction comics.

  3. That sounds very good Torsten. I shall also write a letter to Joe Q. stating that 2006’s X-Men fairy tales #1’s Peach Boy story is one of the best single issues ever written in the history of comics, and that if he wants to bring in new readers, he should make it the next comic Marvel puts out for free comic book day. It had so much information in it (as much as the Watchmen and in only 24 pages) was imbedded in so much philosophy, and ended on such a wonderful note of hope an possibility. If newcomers to comics read this story, they will want more.