We’re stealing Vintage LA’s photos Debbie Reynolds as Miss New Year to wish you a happy new year. 2016 has been trying at times, but at least the Cubs won the World Series finally…and unleashed the rapture in the process. 

As always, thanks to all of you for reading and supporting and commenting and being a great readership. 

I don’t have too much to say this time out, but I would like to give you a parting gift from 2016: free unlimited photo storage!

It’s a little bit of a cheat, since it’s really Amazon Prime that offers free unlimited photo storage, but based on my FB conversations, many people are unaware of this feature. But it’s right there:

Amazon Prime_photos.jpeg
And once you get everything uploaded, you have access to photos via a handy app. 

Prime Photos  Unlimited Photo Storage  Free with Amazon Prime.jpeg

I know many people have qualms about entrusting their naked photos precious family memories to the cloud, let alone godless monolithic corporations like Apple, Amazon, Microsoft, Google, etc etc etc. I will say, I like Amazon Prime Photo a LOT more than iCloud storage which steals your photos and doesn’t let you batch download them. 

Based on all the comments I’m hearing from folks, you are all like me and having more than 60gbs of random digital photos on your hard drive, and you need a digital foot locker to hold them in case your house is destroyed in a tornado, so at least you will have your memories. If you have Amazon Prime, you already have a free solution at your fingertips. 

Other than that, for the year ahead I have only one other piece of advice: konjac sponges. Your face will feel as smooth as the surface of a frozen mountain lake.

That’s all I got. Have a safe happy New Year and let’s all be friends in 2017, okay?


  1. In my experience, unlimited doesn’t stay unlimited for very long. Maybe a few years. Then they start putting limits up and/or charging for space. That’s why I created my own photo album on my website after bouncing around from Flickr and Google.

    in 2002 I did tech support for a major camera company and they also had unlimited picture hosting for their customers. We were told the servers to host the pictures were in a house they had bought. Eventually the house filled up with as many server/hard drives that they could fit in and if they wanted to continue to host pictures, they were going to need to buy another house (or another building). That’s when they started limiting the free photo hosting.

    The same thing will likely happen to Amazon. They’ll see it as an expense as it’s not something they make money off of. Once the dollar value attached to that expense gets high enough to be noticed by somebody (or they need to cut costs for other reasons) they’ll likely start limiting the space involved.

  2. Jamie, oh I have no doubt, but at least it’s part of an already paid service. I wouldn’t sign up for Prime just for this but if you already have it a nice perk.

    I highly mistrust anything to do with Google and human beings.

  3. Does Amazon have a way to search photos like Google Photos? As when you start having photos in the tens of thousands stretched over many years, it becomes incredibly difficult to then find a particular photos. Being about to search by a particular person or a place or even a certain colour is so incredibly valuable.

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