The i09 blog’s Kevin Kelly wraps up the Y: The Last Man Party, which featured both Grant Morrison and a monkey.

The event was strictly limited to 140 people, and hopeful attendees were camping out overnight to get some of the “standing room only” tickets that went on sale just before it started. The VIP ticket packages sold out on the web in 6 minutes, which is great since all proceeds were going to the CBLDF. However, we’re sure the creative types in the room didn’t mind avoiding fannish questions like “Um, in episode 7 of Firefly, Jayne wears a green shirt. Does that mean he’s a spy for the Alliance?” Folks were very respectful, and the monkey got most of the attention in the room. It didn’t even fling any poo at all, as far as we noticed.

There’s a nice but impossible to link to photo gallery at the link.

At the party, artist Pia Guerra used the occasion to announce her next project, a six-issue DOCTOR WHO mini for IDW, written by Tony Lee.

Fans of CBR’s STUDIO TOURS already know that Guerra is an “insane” fan of the British series. “I used to watch the old Tom Baker episodes with my aunt in Toronto, they played them on TV Ontario,” Guerra said. “And then when the new series came out, I started watching those and fell in love with them. It brought back a lot of cool memories from childhood. And I feel totally blessed to be able to work on this new series, which captures a lot of people’s imaginations.”


  1. Pia is one of the greatest artists currently in comics, and I for one am incredibly lucky to have her drawing this mini series.

    She’s also more than just the artist in my eyes – and has already made suggestions that have enhanced the visual aspect of the series no end…