It’s time for the tale of Groo to be told… in song. Dark Horse has announced details for  Groo: Minstrel Melodies, a new four-issue limited series featuring the beloved titular character from comic legend Sergio Aragonés. The creative team will once again consist of  Eisner-Award winning creators and writers Aragonés and Mark Evanier. Illustrations will of course be done by Aragonés, while lettering is by Stan Sakai and coloring is by Carrie Strachan.

Here’s how the publisher describes Groo: Minstrel Melodies:

Traveling from town to town, the [hapless wandering] minstrel and [his smart daughter] Kayli sing tales of Groo wherever they go, bringing laughter, joy, and lessons to the townsfolk…and hopefully some kopins to their pockets! Groo’s foolishness is endless, so there will be four issues of entertaining stories that both celebrate Groo’s unique idiocy and warn others of his deadly deeds.

Groo’s 40+ year legacy should provide many, many entertaining stories for the minstrels to sing about, and the art of Sergio Aragones never fails to entertain. You can find out more about Groo’s adventures at the website,

The landmark fantasy/comedy comic book series is the longest currently-running independent and “creator-owned” comic book property – outlasting many of the companies that published it over the last 40 years. Such publishers include Pacific Comics, Eclipse Comics (one special issue), Marvel Comics (under its Epic imprint), Image Comics and currently Dark Horse Comics. Fans may recall that back in 2021, the Groo animation rights had been sold to entrepreneur Josh Jones and his production company, Did I Err Productions. Since then there have been no updates on the current status, but with any luck it won’t be long until we see Groo make the jump to animation.

Groo: Minstrel Melodies #1 (of 4) is available for pre-order from your local comic shop for $4.99 and will be released September 4th, 2024

Groo: Minstrel Melodies




  1. great to see more Groo. Perhaps the Beat could enquire as to the Groo Treasury or other Groo reprints? There’s a lack of early Groo in print. No need for omnibooses, need intro collections like the old Groo Bazaar, etc.

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