Five figures stand in a boxing ring. Central is a large masked white man holding a wrestling belt and the rest from left to right are a skinny, tall, white boy, a scrawny white nerd-coded person, a muscular black man, and a short, white-haired white woman.
Cover of Masked Macher volume one.


Coming in September from Dark Horse, writers David A. Goodman (The Orville, Space Job) and Gonzalo Duarte (Big Trouble in Little China, Hellbreak) team up with artist Alex Andrés and letterer Mauro Mantella (Space Job, The Ward) to produce four-issue series The Masked Macher.

From Dark Horse:

“Aspiring actor Tony Hollywood is about to make his big break in the height of 1930’s movie star glitz and glam. His next audition is the role that will change his life, but a flat tire sends him to a different stage. Breaking down outside a wrestling arena lands him the part of the Masked Macher! Hey, it pays, even if no one knows what a “macher” is.”

“The Masked Macher is trying to do a lot,” says Goodman. “First, it’s a comedic portrayal of how people make their way in show business. ‘Macher’ if you don’t know, is Yiddish for ‘big shot,’ which is all Tony wants to be. But the story is also about nostalgia, how we can look back and long for a time that really wasn’t all that pleasant. And on top of all that, we’re trying to make the whole thing funny and exciting.”

It seems a challenge, blending nostalgia for difficult times with comedy, but the Orville was often able to blend humor and challenging commentary together so it stands a chance of pulling it off.

The Masked Macher is available for pre-order at your local comic book store for $4.99 and releases September 18, 2024.