08-19-07 1622When he isn’t writing comics or radio plays, Terrance Griep Jr. is also known as midwest wrestling villain Spiderbaby, surely one of the more unusual side jobs among comics. Griep writes to let us know that this weekend he had a lot of activities:

1. Finished a manuscript.

2. Finished an article.

3. Became the NLW Midwest Heavyweight Champion.

4. Tried Fast Fixin’ Chicken Dipping Sticks for the first time and found that I really like them.

Congrats to the new champ!


  1. Terrance became a champion in my world when I witnessed him consume an appetizer and TWO full entrees at Maria’s during this year’s Wizardworld Chicago- a true he-man feat!

  2. Wow. I tried both sites via my cell phone and all I got were the search tags. scooby doo comics and gay wrestling. how interesting! gonna hafta view this on my desktop!

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