Greg Capullo’s love affair with saying he’s drawing a Swamp Thing book goes at least back to a few tweets last year.

And he’s continued to hint that he and Scott Snyder would take on the muck monster after their Metal run, with Snyder suggesting something was going to be announced at San Diego.

Well at Fan Expo Boston, Capullo and Snyder continued their campaign…and in front of the boss, Dan DiDio!

One fan in particular, one unnamed comic reading hero, asked the panel if there are any plans for the other elemental avatars that were created during Scott Snyder’s Swamp Thing run. Dan DiDio fielded the question: “Horror comics are missing from our line up and have been for some time, but they’ll be coming back.” To which Greg Capullo immediately fired out, “Yeah! I’m drawing Swamp Thing and Scott Snyder’s writing it.”

According to man on the scene JJ Travers, then all hell broke loose with DiDio throwing up his hands, audience hubbub and celebrity impersonations.
“When I did Metal I got to draw a little bit of Swamp Thing. It was fun. I love drawing monsters. I had so much fun, that I said to Dan, I’d really like to draw a Swamp Thing book. He said to me, that’s great, we’ll go out to dinner and talk about it.” At this point in the story Capullo started doing a DiDio imitation, which was followed by a really good imitation by Palmiotti (again, I wish I had been recording. I never learn). Both were hysterical.

Capullo continued, “So he sits me down and goes, you know Greg, I’ll give you anything you want, but I see you drawing a Wonder Woman book. I said to him, at least let me do a cover or pin up of Swamp Thing. Once I gave Dan the first cover, he said, I need you to do a Swamp Thing book.”

But after the panel Capullo admitted that there was no real announcement forthcoming. Sadly, while everyone agrees that a Snyder/Capullo Swamp Thing might be a great thing – and Capullo’s obvious passion for the character might rival his passion for showing off his moustache and his guns – it seems that it remains a dream only as the world just isn’t ready for it. And it may never be.

Snyder, of course, already had a crack at Swamp Thing with a generally well liked New 52 run on the title that lasted 18 issues, with Yannick Pacquette on the art. Which isn’t to say that another story with his frequent collaborator Capullo on board wouldn’t be a lot of fun.

In the meantime, Capullo is scratching his swamp itch by drawing variant covers for the new JUSTICE LEAGUE DARK book. And I think we can all agree, he draws a pretty good Swamp Thing!





  1. Awww…. I thought this was the announcement. Capullo on Swamp Thing seems a good match of talent to character. I’d love to see it happen.

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