We weren’t entirely hep to what Rich Johnston was talking about the other day, but the Coventry Telegraph has made an image that even a dullard could interpret and it seems that Green Lantern is making crop circles! Out of oilseed rape! (please, no Women in Refrigerators comments.)

Over at Comic Book Resources, Rich Johnston asks: “Is this the first PR stunt in preparation for the Green Lantern movie?”

But creating the circle in a bright yellow field would once have been an impossible feat for the superhero, who is part of an interstellar corp of ring-bearers.

In the past, Green Lantern’s energy-emitting ring was powerless against anything yellow, such as the rape flowers, although this flaw has since been overcome by wearer Hal Jordan.

Very suspicious. Like the article merging two directors’ names into one “Martin Greengrass.” (It’s Martin CAMPBELL who is slated to direct the GREEN LANTERN film later this year. The original article will raise suspicions that something funny is going on to DefCon 1.


    “The name derives from the Latin for turnip, rāpum or rāpa…”
    Compare to the Latin “rapere”.

    Canola oil is made from the plant.

    I remember seeing lots of those fields in Northern Germany (the name stuck in my memory), which brings to mind the other major crop, Spargel (white asparagus). Which makes me wonder, if there are Black Lanterns, are there White Lanterns as well? Probably hooked into the Spectre/Stranger/Source judeo-christian mythology of DC Comics?

    Is that crop circle design found in Green Lantern comics? Geometrically, it’s not that complex (circle quartered, with concentric circles inside). It looks NOTHING like the logo on Hal Jordan’s torso. Now, if we were to see crop circles of each colored ring…

    Also, would there not be enough chlorophyll, either in the flower or it’s stem and leaves, to allow a Green Lantern to affect the plant with his ring? If not, the soil containing the plant could be removed with a giant green steam shovel.

  2. WTF are “rape flowers?”

    If you google “rape flowers” there will apparently be far more hits on photos, such as this one, and videos than on text pieces.


  3. One of the crop circles in Signs was a Green Lantern symbol. So clearly there is a pattern. Just several years apart.

  4. I think a story in which Green Lantern must solve the mystery of crop circles in a field of white asparagus would be a big hit.

    This is why I do not write comics.

  5. If memory serves, we would have been more likely to see Carol Ferris (when she was Star Sapphire) trying to use the flower on Hal Jordan than the other way around.

  6. Hi there

    Thanks for linking back to my blog! And i obviously had crops and fields on the brain when I wrote Martin Greengrass as the director – what a ‘D’oh’ moment! LOL! That has now been fixed. But I’m glad the crop circle has created some discussion. We have a lot of them here in the UK and it made a nice light-hearted piece!

    best wishes