Warner’s search for a new superhero that can fill the ache left by the end of Smallville’s run has landed on Green Arrow. The CW has ordered a pilot written and executive-produced by Greg Berlanti and Marc Guggenheim (GREEN LANTERN) and Andrew Kreisberg (Fringe).

Although he co-starred on Smallville for several years, this Green Arrow will be set “outside the comics continuity.” For those of you who like to follow the studio trail, here’s the origin story as told by Deadline:

Arrow, produced by Warner Bros. TV and Berlanti’s studio-based Berlanti Television, was developed by Berlanti and Guggenheim who came up with the idea and wrote the storyline and then brought in Kreisberg to write the script. Kreisberg, who has comics experience, having written DC Comics’ Green Arrow and Black Canary among other books, previously worked with Berlanti and Guggenheim on their ABC drama Eli Stone.

Smallville’s David Nutter is set to direct the pilot.

Warner and the CW have been eager to find just the right superhero for their lineup for some time. Both Deadman and the Spectre have also been inspected — Green Arrow is the first to make it to an actual pilot stage since the incident with Wonder Woman. One name not much mentioned in all this: Geoff Johns, who presumably is working behind the scenes on some of this.


  1. ‘Bout time they gave Ollie a shot! I imagine that the show will feature a young Green Arrow just starting his crime-fighting career. I hope that there’s room for a Canary.