Jesse Hamm reproduces Winsor Mccay’s response to a Clare Briggs questionnaire on how to be a cartoonist:

Much much more in link.


  1. Vonnegut is hands down my favorite author. While I don’t really think that BLUEBEARD was his best book, it’s a far sight better than most out there. The moment that I always found unforgettable in it is when the protagonist goes to seek art instruction. The protagonist is this unbelievable talent. His hands and eyes are like Xerox machines. Technically, he can draw anything, and it’s as easy as breathing.

    But when the instructor sees his work he tells him that there’s nothing he can teach him. The man’s work has no feeling in it, no expression. He doesn’t really have art, just skill.

    It’s a moment that nailed me to the wall and has impacted my view of creative work ever since.