We interrupt our regular arc of Graphic Novel TK posting to bring you a new feature: Graphic Novel TK Backmatter. Where Graphic Novel TK follows a book through its publication life from book deal to post-publication, Graphic Novel TK Backmatter focuses on specific topics in comics publishing. We’ll be sporadically bringing you featured episodes on these special topics in the months to come.

Some comics are short — like mini-comics, contributions to anthologies, and some webcomics. And other comics are much, much, much longer — like graphic novels. How does a cartoonist transition from doing shorter work to doing longer? What are the differences — both on the creative side and on the process side?

In this episode, we talk to comics creator Sarah Winifred Searle — who has done a lot of work on both ends of the spectrum of comics length — about her methods for creating comics and organizing herself while doing so.

GN TK‘s ‘Short Form to Long Form’ episode is also our first-ever live episode! Thanks to TCAF for giving us the venue to host Sarah Winifred Searle for this conversation.

You can find Sarah Winifred Searle on her website, or on Twitter.