Crazy comics mastermind Grant Morrison is at it again.  Now that he’s finished his run on DC’s Multiversity, Morrison is turning his sights away from tights and will now focus his attention on Heavy Metal, the bimontly comics zine that introduced cartoonists like Moebius and H.R. Giger to the American scene.  Beginning in February 2016, he will serve as editor to the magazine for a minimum of a year.

Morrison plans to produce comics and prose content for the magazine himself, but is also looking to recruit talent that will ultimately create something he hopes will be “unique and provocative, a bit more scary for people and challenging.”


Ever the eclectic, Morrison has really made the past decade his own.  He published his own textual account of American comics history in Supergods, hosted a convention where he got to make magic and sonic love with Gerard Way, brought the DC universe together for a big multiversal shish-kabob in Multiversity, and recently announced that he’d be writing Santa Claus’ origin story in Boom! Studios’ Klaus.  Heavy Metal will be Morrison’s primary focus in 2016, but one can only assume he’s already eyeing his next perception-shattering project.

Check out Entertainment Weekly for more on the magazine and this wonderful bit:

Heavy Metal has always been a little bit dirty. Next year, it’ll get positively Filthy.




  1. I’m excited for this IF he’s planning on bringing back the Moebius flavor of the first couple years of the magazine. If he’s only interested in playing on the magazine’s history of pandering, I’m much less interested.

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