If you’re an self-employed freelancer with no health insurance, you will probably want to read Colleen Doran’s rundown of resources to get insurance:

Here’s a great online resource for artists and other self employed people seeking health insurance. Just click on the map of your state, and a comprehensive listing of available organizations and insurance options will be made available to you. This goes for artists of all kinds, but also applies to low income families, the disabled, etc. Please bookmark this.

In the last week, I have read a number of creators and people in the industry posting ill-informed items about the lack of health insurance options for the self employed and for creators in particular. One woman flatly stated that the only reason she had never quit her job and started her own company was because she knew self employed people could not get insurance. This is simply false.

More: Why it is important to have health insurance.


  1. Collen is a marvel and this resource is worth gold.

    I helped Colleen move some boxes from SDCC to her hotel and sadly my bad health kicked in. I felt like an idiot. I’m going to make use of this information and get a handle on my situation. I’m sad I missed her panel discussion, so these links are invaluable.

  2. I am still impressed, that kind of things shouldn´t happen on the usa…health insurance is free even in Bolivia! (and it is one of the poorest countries of shout america, no?)…and in Spain , the government pays for your tratments , no matter if you have never worked and you are 80 years old! they pay it even if you are not Spanish but you need it!…artist that cannot pay their own tratments (gene Colan…)…quite sad,maybe the third world is not so far. :(

  3. Jimmie, we were so grateful for your help, and every time we have been near each other at a convention you have gone out of your way to be both kind and useful to others.

    I am the one who felt bad after taking advantage of your manly arms to lug some boxes! You were a great help, but I really put you to too much trouble!

    Thank you so much again, and I sincerely hope you are feeling better.

    I will be posting all of my 50 pages of research conducted for the Resources for Creators Panel, as well as updating previous posts of use to others on my blog. They will be categorized for easy access.

  4. I am lucky enough to be in good health, but I worry all the time about what might happen if I became suddenly became less lucky, living as I do without insurance.

    I guess it always seems too expensive until you get hit by a truck or need a root canal.