We’ve been catching up on yet more Gordon Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares here at Stately Beat Manor — thank you Fox on Demand — and we have made a startling discovery: this show has turned into a remake of THE INCREDIBLE HULK, with Ramsay in the David Banner role.

The formula is simple: Ramsay comes to town with a family/business partnership in jeopardy as tensions over soggy pasta and responsibility for cleaning the meat tray threaten to tear the group apart. A few swear words and a new decor later, the family/buddies are brought together via Ramsay’s tough talk and insights.

There is hugging.

Lots of hugging.


And at the end of every episode, Ramsay even walks off into the night in a black coat, Banner-like.

All that’s missing is the piano music.

BONUS: Kitchen Nightmares drinking game! A sip every time a kitchen fire is shown! A beer will not last one segment.


  1. That’s too funny… I never even caught the similarity in the ending, but it’s spot on. Gordon’s face sort of has a bit of the Hulk in it also (a crossbreed between the Hulk and a Shar Pei)…

  2. The british show really is much much better, there is no magical kitchen or restaurant upgrades instead they focus on the actual food

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