comics212 has had a snappy new facelift and lets lose with a new salvo:

Every once in a while I’ll come across an essay, blog post, or even snarky comment from someone who’s been through a fandom and come out the other side, and when they have grievances I tend to give them a bit more weight… as in any weight… and really listen to what they have to say. I stumbled over a discussion about “Moe” a few months back that was like that, and it was really interesting because of it… I learned something, it was great. But coming across a series of columns like Bob Holt’s ‘I Love Comics’ at Not so much. I can’t even pull out a quote to illustrate why I think the column is weak, so much as the columns just belie a shallowness of experience and thought on the subject.

§ Living Between Wednesdays relives Superman and Big Barda making a porn film, courtesy of John Byrne:

[Link via Eric of all people.]

Ontime 1
§ Over at Comic Coverage, Mark Engblom has a very funny, PSA-type take on the lateness epidemic. [Link via Tim Rakarich]