Fables-PreviewWEHT Derek Kirk Kim, anyway? He was hailed far and wide as a comics genius back in 2004 for his wonderful collection SAME DIFFERENCE AND OTHER STORIES, and scored a rare triple, winning the Eisner, Harvey and Ignatz awards for best newcomer. Since then he’s dabbled with a few webcomics, and announced an upcoming book for First Second, HEALING HANDS, and is rumored to have written a graphic novel for a new line yet to be announced at DC.

Now at his website, he’s tersely announced that he’s given up on HEALING HANDS.

After much debate and creative wrestling, I’ve decided to give up on “Healing Hands”. It just isn’t working for me. It’s shit. And I don’t want to be knee-deep in shit later. Neither do you, believe me.

which is as alarming as heck. You can see some of the HEALING HANDS material here.

On a small bright note, Kim also posted a panel from his contrbution to the FABLES graphic novel. Which only prompts us to say WE NEED MORE DEREK KIRK KIM!


  1. Alex Robinson’s immediate followup to Box Office Poison was something called Cave City, which he terminated because he, too, didn’t feel it was working.

    In its stead, Alex Robinson produced Tricked.

    Give Mr. Kim the benefit of the doubt. I’m sure his next project will be awesome.

  2. I’ve been a big Derek Kirk Kim fan ever since I first found his website all those years ago, just when Same Difference was coming to an end. His work is really inspirational.

    Healing Hands looked beautiful, what a shame.

  3. I was crushed to see that Derek Kirk Kim doesn’t want to continue Healing Hands. I wish he would just put it aside, I can understand if he is burned out on it. But to say it’s shit and never to be continued is really sad, because I think it is wonderful. The expression on the girl’s face when she walks by the boy clipping his toenails, the interior of the old lady’s apartment. The kittens. Now what’s going to happen to those kittens?

    I’ve searched all over hoping to find an email address for Kim, so I can tell him how much I love Healing Hands. Not to pressure him into continuing it, but to praise him for a wonderful piece of work, even in its uncomplete state. I hope he reads this.