Recently, comics herstorian Trina Robbins and Ladies Making Comics’ Alexa Dickman teamed up to find Golden Age Fiction House artist Fran Hopper was alive and not yet lost to the sands of time. And now they have a photo. Hopper, 90, is shown next to a self-portrait she painted back in the ’40s.

Fiction House was known for hiring quite a few female artists, among them Lily Renee and Ruth Atkinson. Here’s a page from one of Hopper’s Mysta of the Moon stories, which can be seen in full here.


  1. @Jeff, Trina is currently working on her “definitive” history of women in comics, and I know she’s trying to get in as much as she can about Hopper this time around– as well as Lily Renée, who Trina also “rediscovered” since her previous edition.