200710101145Paging Wimbledon Green!Newsarama reports on the thrilling tale of some people cleaning out a hosue who found a copy of DETECTIVE #27, the first appearance of the Batman, which is valued at over $500,000 in mint condition. This copy has a bit of wear, but Todd McDevitt of New Dimension Comics, in PA still should have no problem finding a buyer:

How does a retailer find a buy for a book like this? As surprising as it may be to some, there are buyers looking for these types of book who literally have the money standing by – although there’s an element of matchmaking involved with the business transaction.

“Word about a find like this gets out very quickly,” McDevitt said. “As I mentioned, I made one phone call and had a buyer the next day, but decided to hold onto it for now. Every dealer has the ‘I know a guy who wants that book’ story. The early enthusiasm for it makes me more confident that I made the right decision, and I suspect after the word spreads that ‘right guy’ will surface. It took a while for me to sell the All-American #16, but once I found the customer who it made a fit with, it sold right away to him.”

Kind of like adopting a kitten. Except it’s a super-rare comic book.


  1. I deny that!

    Someone once said: “Never let the truth stand in the way of a good joke.”

    The truth here is that I like dogs better than cats, but I do like cats. Years ago, while living in the countryside, I, and my now ex-wife, had both cats and dogs. 14 cats. Not total. 14 at the same time. Probably 30+ over the years.