After relaunching its desktop portal earlier this year, the digital comics platform GlobalComix announced plans for an app launch before the end of 2023. Sure enough, the company has announced that the public beta version of the GlobalComix app is available in the iOS App Store. For Android users, the company said that a version for Android is coming very soon. 

Since it is a public beta which, there are a few things still missing. Nevertheless the company is eager for folks to try it out and provide some early feedback.

Some of the highlights include

  • Improved discovery. Just open the app and scroll down to find curated and automated lists of content among our 40,000+ releases.
  • Advanced search and filters. We have a lot of ways to search, sort and filter, so you can find exactly the stuff you’re looking for.
  • Powerful reading experience. Single or double page, fit to width, or vertical scroll? Set up the reading experience the way you like it, and try our panel-to-panel reading mode (we’re still working on it!)
  • Track and organize. Add comics to your own library. Track what you’re reading, what you want to read later, and pick up where you left off.

Founded by Christopher Carter and Alessio Deiana in 2017, GlobalComix has certainly been making some big moves in recent years with many major publishers such as Archie, Boom and Image joining the platform. Moreover, earlier this year the company raised $5 million, bringing recent investments to $6.5 million out of a total offering of $9.5 million.

GlobalComix is increasingly becoming one of the main digital comics alternatives that publishers are turning to following Amazon’s controversial move to de facto shutter the Comixology service and subsume it into Kindle over the past year.

With more and more readers engaging with comics exclusively with webtoons on mobile apps, the audience that’s primed for digital is larger than ever before. GlobalComix has been noted for promoting its user-uploaded portal for small publishers. With the implosion of Comixology, several players have been moving to continue digital comics sales and original content. For instance, Omnibus is yet another digital comics platform that launched this year and has also ramping up its game.

We’ll continuing to keep an eye on where GlobalComix goes from here.


  1. Great to hear GlobalComix is offering an alternative for readers who insist on a stand-alone comics app, but this article does nothing to address the two 800-lb. elephants in the room: WHAT ABOUT DC AND MARVEL?!? Are they going to allow their comics to be on this platform, or is it too much of a conflict of business interests for them, given that they both have their own online-comics platforms? Have you even asked them? Major sloppiness in reporting, guys.

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