On July 30th, Quirk Books will publish We Are Here Forever, a new graphic novel based on Michelle Gish’s popular webcomic of the same name. But thanks to an exciting partnership with the Beat, you can win a free advance readers copy of the comic right now.

We Are Here Forever follows creatures known as Puramus, a species of not-quite-but-kind-of feline quadrupeds. These adorable little creatures have supplanted humanity, which has entirely disappeared from earth. The webcomic version of the story quickly captured the hearts of over 18000 fans on Tumblr thanks to its absurd sense of humor (knives are high fashion headwear here!) and its eye-popping cheery color palette. Like the webcomic, this new graphic novel will feature a variety of short stories that weave together into a narrative thread that sees the Puramus exploring their new home and building a society to rival ours in the real world.

You can check out a special preview of We Are Here Forever at Quirk Books’ website. Gish recently spoke with Women Write About Comics regarding the graphic novel as well.

And now, the fun part! Three lucky Beat readers will have the chance to snag a free advance readers copy of We Are Here Forever by simply entering our giveaway. Here’s some brief legalese for you to parse through before entering:

Terms and Conditions

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Okay. All studied up and ready to enter the lottery (no, not that one)?

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We Are Here Forever

By Michelle Gish

Release date: July 30, 2019

ISBN: 9781683691204

A hilarious graphic novel in which the human race has been supplanted by a sweeter, kinder, happier species…but are they as innocent as they seem? In this post-apocalyptic comedy, it’s survival of the cutest!

After the most adorable apocalypse ever, the human race has vanished from the earth, replaced with cute, innocent, playful purple creatures called the Puramus. In this hilarious and epic graphic novel, short interlocking stories follow the purple pals as they explore their new home, form a mini-monarchy, and develop a modern society on par with 21st-century humans. A final act pulls us across time and space in the search for clues to the origins of the Puramus. Along the way, humor and intrigue abound: Can King defend his village when nobody understands what war is? Will Jingle work up the nerve to read her poetry at open mic night? Will Puff Puff ever stop floating? Based on the viral Tumblr comic that gained 18,000 followers in just one year, We Are Here Forever is for fans of post-apocalyptic sci-fi blended with dry comedy and undeniable cuteness. Colorful and cartoony art will you rooting for these cute critters through their absurd adventures. But where did they come from, and what happened to all the humans?