In what has to be one of the most devastating cardboard slapdowns of all times, someone at Topps thought it would be funny to put Rudy Giuliani on a Red Sox baseball card.

And not just any baseball card, but one where The Beantowners are celebrating last season’s World Series victory, a moment which cast dread and misery into the hearts of all true Yankees fans.

The card will be a 1-in-70 variant of the regular 2008 set. Someone at Topps must really have it in for “America’s Mayor” — who spent upwards of $50 million to win just one delegate in his spectacularly unsuccessful presidential bid — but who could say Rudy didn’t deserve this? In a classic betrayal born of expediency last year, the one-time die-hard Yankee fan claimed that he was rooting for Boston in the World Series with the lame-ass explanation “I’m an American league fan.” As if. Not even Mitt Romney has ever made a flip flop so calculated.

Giuliani, who appeared on his own Topps baseball card in 2004, was not actually present for the Red Sox’s triumphant win last year; that why God invented Photoshop, and not a moment too soon.