This morning, L.L. McKinney (Nubia: Real One) and Alitha E. Martinez (REPRESENT! It’s A Bird!) – the creative team behind the upcoming story about Nubia for DC Future State – took to Twitter this morning to reveal a first look at the character.

The character will make her debut in Future State: Immortal Wonder Woman #1-2, which will launch in January 2021 and will include two stories: Nubia by McKinney, Martinez, Mark Morales, and Emilio Lopez and Immortal Wonder Woman by Becky CloonanMichael W. Conrad, and Jen Bartel.

DC Future State is a two-month event that will give readers a glimpse of possible futures for the superheroes of the DC Universe. During the event, which will take place in January and February 2021, all of the publisher’s standard montly titles will be suspended. In their place, a collection of monthly and bi-monthly oversized anthologies and miniseries titles will be making their way to the shelves at your local comic book shop.

A first glimpse of Nubia from L.L. McKinney, Alitha E. Martinez, and Mark Morales.

DC Future State spins out the conclusion of Dark Nights: Death Metal (which will be available on January 5th, 2021). While the Multiverse has been successfully saved from destruction, the victory of the DC Heroes has ripped the universe a new space-time-hole, and the consequences have interdimensional implications.

In March 2021, DC’s regular title lineup will return, picking up with brand new story arcs for 2021 as well as continuing exisiting storylines from 2020 that have yet to be concluded when DC Future State commences. Plus, DC Executive Editor Marie Javins has teased that savvy readers may be able to catch some hints about what’s to come later in 2021 among the panels in the DC Future State titles.

What do you think of your first look at Nubia? Which books in the DC Future State line are you most anticipating? Let The Beat know in the comment section!