Anyone who’s read Neil Gaiman’s American Gods can tell you that there are a number of sex scenes where things get erotic in the most…innovative of ways. However, there’s one scene that stands tall above the rest. It features the old god Bilquis, a jinn who works as a prostitute in Los Angeles. One night she meets a movie producer and…we’ll let the American Gods wikia take it from here:

In Los Angeles, a wannabe movie producer meets with a prostitute named Bilquis. She asks him to pray to her and worship her as they have sex, and he does. After he climaxes, he looks down to see his body slipping inside her up to the chest. He continues to worship her as his body disappears into her vagina. Satisfied, Bilquis closes her eyes and goes to sleep.

Yeah. So. That’s going to be on TV when the Brian Fuller-led Starz adaptation of the novel arrives on April 20th. Get a quick peek at that scene, your first look at Kristin Chenoweth’s Easter, and much more in the newest trailer below.