Neil Gaiman is doing a round of interviews for the STARDUST movie, and someone thinks to ask him about MIRACLEMAN:

As always, it’s an enormous can of worms and it’s enormously complicated. The last thing I got was a legal thing from McFarlane suing me – I don’t know if suing is the correct word – because we put out the Randy Bowen statue of Miracleman claiming that he owns 100% of Miracleman and we shouldn’t have been allowed to put out the statue. So, we have to answer to that. I think that is the current status. It’s still a legal can of worms and McFarlane is still squatting on it. I can’t quite work out where he gets the idea that he owns the entire thing. That’s what his lawyers are currently claiming and I guess more lawyers are going to have to sort it out.

It’s astonishingly silly especially considering he’s already lost all 18 counts in his previous court case with me, incredibly effectively, to keep going. I guess he figures that this is better because it’ll be decided by a bankruptcy judge since he’s bankrupt rather than by a jury.