200610310234Coolest thing to do today, bar none:

Spend Halloween with popular “macabreâ€? cartoonist Gahan Wilson, whose art and gag cartoons have been seen in such popular magazines as The New Yorker, Playboy, Esquire, and National Lampoon. Mr. Wilson will appear and sign autographs at Evanston’s Comix Revolution, 606 Davis Street, on Tuesday, October 31, starting at 6 PM.

Born and raised in Evanston and a student at the Art Institute of Chicago, Mr. Wilson’s work is featured in the recently published The Rejection Collection: Cartoons You Never Saw, and Never Will See, in The New Yorker and his return to Evanston is due in part to he being the subject of a new documentary directed by Steven-Charles Jaffe.

Mr. Wilson’s art – a cross between Charles Addams and Edward Gorey – first appeared in a 1954 issue of the science-fiction pulp magazine Amazing Stories, and in the subsequent 50 years, his cartoons, stories, and commentary have entertained (and horrified) readers.

Join Mr. Wilson at Evanston’ Comix Revolution on Halloween night starting at 6 PM for a very rare public appearance. A large selection of Mr. Wilson’s books, comics, and magazines will be available for purchase.