You would have assumed that out of all the Nickelodeon properties Funko has licensed that the insanely popular Avatar: The Last Airbender would have been one of the first to have official Pop! figures. Well, patience is a virtue with the toy company announcing Last Airbender toys set for January release.

It’s a bit surprising (and perhaps a little disappointing) that Appa, Team Avatar’s flying bison, isn’t a large 10″ figure as Funko typically creates for characters that warrant the larger size. I’m sure there are certain characters fans are clamoring for in Pop! figure form, so I wouldn’t be surprised to see more licensed figures down the line. And if we’re lucky enough, perhaps even characters from the sequel series, Korra!

Join Airbender Aang and his winged lemur companion Momo on their mission to end the Hundred Year War and bring peace to the Fire Nation, Water Tribes, Earth Kingdom and Air Nomads. Pop! Katara, Sokka, Iroh, Appa and Toph round out the story and Zuko is also available as a chase with a 1/6 rarity.

Aang on airscooter with a glow in the dark Chase is avilable as a Hot Topic exclusive.

Azula is available through the Funko Insider Club at GameStop.