We didn’t get to see the comic-centric episode of THE SIMPSONS last week, because we had forgotten it was going to be on and, honestly, we’ve not watched the current series in a couple years (preferring to just relive seasons 3-7 on DVD).

However, tonight’s episode will bring almost a big a nerdgasm as last week’s “Watchmen Babies” bit: the debut of Sideshow Bob’s (and Cecil’s) father. And yes, he will be played by John Mahoney, who played the cranky father on FRASIER (who we like to remember as the overprotective dad in SAY ANYTHING).

And, while we’re talking about the Groening-verse, don’t forget to pick up the new Futurama DVD, BENDER’S BIG SCORE, this week while you out doing your Christmas/Hannukah/Winter Solstice shopping.

Posted by Mark Coale


  1. OK, Mark.

    Two questions:
    What about season 8 (and forward) was different that you hold them in lesser regard?
    Dropping the Say Anything reference, does this mean you’re a big Cameron Crowe fan (like myself)?

  2. I pulled that number out of my head at work, trying to remember which season of DVDs was the one that I said, “hey, the great/average ratio of episodes is shifting.” I know I felt it about the last two sets.

    Yes, I like Crowe. I know I put Almost Famous in my Best of list for whatever year it was released.