Turns out one of the best comic of 2018, Aminder Dhaliwal’s Woman World, began it’s life as a webcomic and it’s available online for free! You can begin reading the series from the beginning, though you will have to scroll a fair bit to get to the first page. It’s worth the hassle though, here is what I said about Woman World back in November:  

Men are going extinct, less and less boys are born, no one is quite sure why or how to fix this mass genetic issue. This, coupled with the devastating effects of climate change and wars contribute to the decline of society as we know it and the rise of a world peopled only by women. This introduction is followed by a series of vignettes focusing on the women survivors in a newly reformed village. While the premise sounds depressing and bleak, the book is far from being a dark somber affair. Dhaliwal balances her dark premise with the precise amount of levity and wit to create wonderfully comedic situations. She also manages to squeeze as much humour out of her premise as possible, exploring various avenues in which the disappearance of men would affect society for better or worse.

I stand by that statement and you should definitely checki out Woman World or buy the book.

You can see Aminder’s Instagram page here. The series begins here in earnest


  1. I’m mid-way through reading this right now, after Heidi’s recommendation in the Best Of list. It’s very funny! (and quick to read

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