On July 30, 2019, Michelle Gish‘s We Are Here Forever graphic novel will hit shelves, introducing the world at large to her vision of a post-apocalyptic future: humans are long dead and small, purple, playful creatures called Puramus live all over Earth. Published by Quirk Books, this graphic novel extends the world of Gish’s webcomic of the same name, which has been running since 2016.

Although the physical We Are Here Forever book isn’t available just yet, Gish is still regularly updating the webcomic. The best part is that the comics featured online are not the same as the ones featured in the graphic novel; they take place in the same world, but explore completely different adventures with the Puramus, across different years. New comics are posted every Wednesday and Gish also updates her blog with things like animated Puramu gifs, event announcements, and more.

You can read the webcomic chronologically or in random bursts — whichever floats your boat. The current arc follows Brian as he attempts to work on a construction site as the Puramus build homes that are sized for them, rather than for humans. Brian’s really doing his best, but he’s having a hard time managing his tasks…

If this is your first time hearing about the Puramus, get ready to fall in love. The world Gish has crafted in We Are Here Forever is colorful, adorable and emotional. Take a look at some of the webcomic’s recent updates below and be sure to follow along on Gish’s website or on Webtoon, if you prefer. You can also check her out on Twitter @MichelleGish and visit her Patreon.

We Are Here Forever by Michelle Gish We Are Here Forever by Michelle Gish We Are Here Forever by Michelle Gish