As those of us on the East  Coast brace for something called a “bomb cyclone,” having already endured more than a week of frigid temperatures, maybe a little mind trip to the Greek islands is in order. Specifically Glynnis Fawkes’ Greek Diary, which is  kinda what it sounds like – an Award-nominated look at a trip that includes Greek archaeological digs, maybe a little remembered romance, and certainly some sitting arond outside in shorts and a tank top. Memba that?

In June and July 2016, I went to Greece to work on a dig, my 9th season at the site of Kenchreai on the Corinthian Gulf.  For 5 weeks I drew every day, both diary comics and landscapes–3 notebooks full.  Part of the Diary is about work on the dig and part is about the trip afterwards to Rhodes, Santorini, and Paros I took with my family–my husband John, Classics professor, musician, scholar of ancient music, and our two kids, ages 9 and 11.  My goal now is to make this diary into a book by adding context to the daily trials:  memories from my first and many subsequent trips to Greece over nearly 20 years and especially the beginning of the romance with John on Santorini 13 years ago.

We’ve written about Fawkes here before – her main output might be considered “archaeological comics” as they combine her two greatest interests. Certainly travelogs, but from a more grounded viewpoint than some cartoonist’s work. You can dig around for more at her website.

The Greek Diary is a bit more sketchy than Fawkes more polished work – but it’s a diary! Enjoy, and think about the warm, golden sun beating down on you. I know I am.




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