Frank Miller had a chat with Vulture’s Abraham Riesman about a new project.  Something he describes in terms of being the Superman version of Batman: Year One.  It’s a little hard to know what to make of that.  Remember, Batman: Year One was not over-the-top.  These days we tend to think of Miller in terms of Dark Knight Strikes Back and “The Goddamn Batman” of All-Star Batman.  That’s not the only style he’s ever written.

Have look at the video for yourself:

Miller also put in an appearance at DC’s Master Class panel, where he elaborated a bit more.  Superman: Year One is to be a 100 page graphic novel drawn my John Romita, Jr.  As far as the tone of the book?  Time will tell.


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  1. Miller did great work once, but throughout his career, he’s repeatedly said (and shown) that he has nothing but contempt for Superman.

    Maybe DC realized that despite their best attempts, Superman wasn’t completely ruined, and they figured Miller would be just the guy to finish the job once and for all.

  2. Fans: “Zack Snyder is the worst person you could possibly have hired to do a Superman origin story.”

    DC: “Challenge acepted”

  3. I’m not even a superhero reader and I think this sounds awesome. Miller’s work is always amazing. I like him doing art better, as I’m interested in where an old master is going, but I’m still down for this.

  4. It’s a new vertically integrated world, so “I’m thinking let’s focus group this one after the art is done, to see if people are gonna buy it. Then test this comic in limited release, major markets only to start”

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