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Fraction + Zdarsky Selfie

Matt Fraction and Chip Zdarsky are at it again with Sex Criminals, this time they are offering a random sketch incentive for picking up an actual issue of the series. If it seems like the early 90’s are back, that’s because each issue is polybagged and fans have a 1 in 35 chance of finding a Sex Criminals #11 blank cover with an actual sketch and signature complete with the absurdity of Fraction and Zdarksy. Fraction announced the story via his blog complete with photo evidence and the following quote:

every copy of SEX CRIMINALS #11 ships in a sealed bag. at first we were going to put a thousand dollars in some random issue, but it turns out that’s super illegal. so we printed 1000 special blank-ish covers and spent today at cadmus in richmond VA drawing dicks and stuff on 1000 comic books. they will be randomly mixed in with the rest of the print run and should be, to the best of our and cadmus’ abilities to make such things happen, impossible to find without opening them. it costs $3.50. we cannot procure you any; we cannot tell you how to get them. if you want one, buy a copy of SC #11 and you’ve got something like a 1 in 35 chance give or take.

Also, the team revealed a brand new cover drawn by Bryan Lee O’Malley that seems to have some…interesting characteristics:

(there is a special XXX cover that was printed-to-order; it too ships in a sealed bag [because the cover is, as advertised, XXX] but that costs $4.69 [get it])

Sex Criminals #11 ships on June 24.



  1. This photo inspires me to create a new online game: “Comics Creator or Indie Musician From Portland/Brooklyn/etc.”

  2. Good gimmick, and the photos are really helpful. I like seeing creators doing something unique to motivate sales. That they are directly involved in their comics right to the end on a personal level. I would love to know how well this issue sells.

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