Remember the horror-themed line of Fox Atomic comics which are tied in to Fox’s new youth-branded horror movie line? Of course you do. What better day to launch some previews than /Halloween, with THE CARNIVAL OF LOST SOULS, a series of previews and activities to be found on This will include comics previews, according to the website.

Fox Atomic has created and will host The Carnival of Lost Souls on Halloween day. The day long event will take place at, with a series of activities designed to offer something to all Halloween, horror, and film enthusiasts.

Activities will include contests, giveaways, and premieres of various clips from Atomic film releases, including Turistas and first looks at the heavily anticipated Hills Have Eyes 2 and 28 Weeks Later. There will also be a number of trivia contests, testing fan knowledge of some of the smaller details of popular horror films. Over the course of the day prizes will be awarded to contest winners. The most valuable prize will be awarded to the three winners of the Carnival’s three costume contests: scariest costume, funniest costume, and sexiest costume. Visitors are invited to send in a photo or video of their costume for consideration, with the victor in each category winning a screening of the upcoming Atomic release Turistas in their home town, for themselves and their guests.

Turistas, slated for wide release on December 1, will be at the forefront of the festivities, with the airing of an exclusive behind-the-scenes clip from one of the more spine chilling scenes from the film in the ten o’clock hour. There will also be an inside look at the production, with behind the scenes footage and set photography revealed, and interviews with members of the cast and the crew. Similar material from spring 2007 releases The Hills Have Eyes 2 (3/2/07) and 28 Weeks Later (5/11/07) will debut during the Carnival, with messages from horror master Wes Craven and the 28 Weeks Later director Juan Carlos Fresnadillo expected. Beyond the world of film, Atomic also plans to sneak elements from their upcoming graphic novels “28 Days Later: The Aftermathâ€?, and “The Hills Have Eyes: The Beginning,â€? as well as the “Turistasâ€? comic book, on sale this November.

On the more interactive side of things, Carnival participants will have the option to become filmmakers in their own right. The “Nightmare Factoryâ€? feature will provide visitors with sentences to start different nightmares, and the visitor will need to write and submit the end of the nightmare. Fans will vote on the top ten best nightmare stories, with the studio picking the ultimate winner. Atomic will then make that nightmare into an animated short. Also on the interactive side, on Halloween day Atomic will become the first movie studio to operate in the much publicized avatar based user community “Second Life.â€? Visitors to The Carnival of Lost Souls will be invited to jump into exploration of this alternate universe, which will take them to “Fox Atomic Island.â€? On “Fox Atomic Islandâ€? visitors will be able to check out the Atomic sound stage, the Brazilian beach from Turistas, as well as cut their own movie trailers and view film elements at the movie theater on the island.

The recently launched is an interactive, community-based entertainment destination providing unique programs, information and services for 17-24 year old adults. Users are given unprecedented access to entertainment content and encouraged to make, remix and share their own creations. With its wide interactive scope, the Carnival of Lost Souls is a natural programming fit for the site.