on sale today

If you’re one of the folks traipsing out to your local comics store to get the first part of the Neil Gaiman-written, Andy Kubert-drawn BATMAN issue, you may want to know that the second half of the story will be late.

Gaiman updated everyone on the new date via Twitter:

Just saw that Detective 853 is already pushed back to March 18. http://bit.ly/ZwPf. I think Andy may bring it in on time for that.

The more you know.


  1. I guess Andy had too many covers to do to be bothered with interiors for such a sure to be ignored book . . .

  2. Good thing DC built themselves a three-month hiatus as a contingency plan to counteract Andy Kubert. If the first issue of Greg Rucka and J.H. Williams’ Batwoman run ends up pushed back, it’s going to be the “Last Son” fiasco all over again.

  3. He does nothing for months but Trinity covers every now and then, and only has to do two double sized issues (which equals three regular issues), and STILL can’t get it out on time?

    Come. On.

  4. That said, the first issue is pretty great. And Andy’s pencils are really good – better even than his earlier run on the book, which I thought was terrific.

  5. So the next issue of a monthly comic is going to arrive 5 weeks after the previous. How is this a problem?

    (Camelot 3000 # 12; that was a problem.)

  6. I didn’t find the art great in this one at all. In a book where all the characters and specifically two sequences are supposed to reflect different periods of batman history they all came off looking like Kubert. I would rather have seen different artist handle different sections or an artist that can change his style up.