May you be trapped in a world where this plays on loop.


  1. You found the letterbox version! Marty Scorsese would be proud of you.

    I swear, WALL*E got me when he played this. One of my favorites when growing up, that soundtrack is. I started grinning and had to see where that little robot was going to go.

  2. I loved that movie!

    But the clip you have found plays too fast, thus distorting the fine singing voices.

    Well, most of them were fine.

  3. “If you don’t like WALL-E, you’re a fucking DICK.”

    That would’ve been a fantastic voiceover quote for a WALL-E TV ad.

  4. Well, I’m rather glad they cut out before Barrbaabba started singing. Michael Crawford’s bit was fantastic. I loved the music in Wall E.

  5. Heh.
    Shot over 4 or 5 months in 1967-8. In Malibu- standing in for New York.
    Designed to be seen on screens 90 feet wide.
    Where you had to get “special” tickets that were much higher priced than a normal movie ticket.
    And 40 years later, it’s biggest claim to fame is a bunch of people talking about how a cartoon made it relevant again.
    If the contradictions don’t make you pause just a bit, you need to go for a brief walk.

  6. The town of Garrison, N.Y. was used for the railroad suburb town, standing in for Yonkers in the original story. The Old New York set was built at fantastic expense by Fox on their lot in Century City, where it remained for years, like the Babylon set for Intolerance, because it would have cost a small fortune to take them down. Lots of other locations as per IMDb.

    Yes, it was distributed towards the end of the Road Show distribution scheme: a nice downtown theater with reserved seats and state of the art projection and sound equipment. I was over it all by the time Dolly rolled around, but I remember the formula worked great for Lawrence of Arabia, Grand Prix, Sound of Music and some others. When it was done right you got what you paid for, it had it’s day.

    I agree with the verdict of the market in 1969, Gene Kelly’s idea of the biggest musical in the history of other people’s money wasn’t what people wanted to see. It was such a big hit on Broadway that Hollywood thought they had to hit it with a thousand pound hammer to do justice to its proven success and what they probably had to shell out for the rights. Mame was similarly trashed for similar reasons.

    What other movies from 1969 are talked about this year because they’re a story element in a top ten picture? Oh, sorry, I meant “a cartoon.”

  7. “If you don’t like WALL-E, you’re a fucking DICK.”
    “If you don’t like WALL*E you have no soul… AND you’re a fucking DICK. ”

    Yup. WALL-E fanatics are sure making me like the movie less every day.
    But keep fighting the good fight.

  8. andy khouri said:

    “I’m just going to say it, and I know all right thinking people will agree with me.”

    Spoken like a true,right-wing conservative–“I’m right, and all others must die.”