Floating World Comics recently announced their partnership with Italian comics publisher Hollow Press. This partnership aims to bring more of Hollow Press’ catalogue to North America, as well as to publish work collaboratively.

Hollow Press has been publishing dark fantasy comic and bold innovative work from an impressive range of artist, including Tetsunori Tawaraya, Shintaro Kago, Jesse Jacobs and Mat Brinkman. Their work is published in English and Italian at the same time. I’ve had the pleasure to get my hands one of their Jesse Jacobs comics and was very impressed by the quality of their work. Floating World will be their exclusive distributor in North America and their web store already features a wide array of Hollow Press’ books with more to come.

To launch this partnership, Floating World and Hollow Press partnered to publish a deluxe Museum Edition of Mat Brinkman’s influential 2000-2005 comic strip serial Multiforce as well as the extremely detailed science-fiction nature series Teratoid Heights. It’s hard to overstate how pivotal these works are for the art of comics. Coming in early 2000, these comics were not particularly interested in the literary aspect of comics, nor were they interested in any sort of narrative, They focused on the effects of comics, it’s aesthetic, and how far comics can be pushed. It’s the precursor to a lot of what the current small press comics are currently doing.

These editions look absolutely stunning. Each edition will feature additional content such as art gallery, forewords and even previously unseen content. The cost is adequate for such gorgeous editions, $50 for Multiforce and $30 for Teratoid Heights. See below the press release from Floating World and Hollow Press for more details on the Multiforce and Teratoid Heights museum edition

Mat Brinkman’s 2000-2005 comic strip serial Multiforce is collected in a deluxe volume at its original printed size. Deeply personal, extravagantly visual, often hilarious: Multiforce is nothing short of a masterpiece.

Museum edition limited to 1500 copies
November 2018 first printing – published by Hollow Press

Museum Edition extra contents:
– Comic review by Frank Santoro “Mat Brinkman the Spiral Architect”
– Multiforce Art Gallery “Real Size Original Pictures”

Teratoid Heights realistically depicts the lifecycles of various species found in the tide location’s cave-riddled terrain, down to the most painstakingly detailed behavioral patterns. It matters not that both Teratoid Heights and its inhabitants are entirely fictional. Brinkman taps into the zeitgeist of modern suburban America with what seems to be a mixture of J.R.R. Tolkein-style adventure, video-game inspired syncopation and an endless barrage of cable-television nature films all filtered through the reddened eyes of a marijuana-addled teenager. A book that reveals levels of humor and humanity no matter what age the reader.

November 2018 first printing – published by Hollow Press

Museum Edition extra contents:
– Foreword by Ratigher
– Unpublished Teratoid Heights comic SNOOT

Mat Brinkman lives and works in Colorado. In 1995 he co-founded Fort Thunder and the famed Paper Rodeo zine, that was active until 2001. Brinkman’s prolific output of posters, comics, music, and films continue to be highly influential. Many comic critics qualify him as the most influential underground comic artist of the past two decades.

You can order your copy over at Floating World. If you’re in Europe, you can order them over at Hollow Press.