Speaking of Kazu Kibuishi, he has a nice post up examining what the contributors to the anthology FLIGHT #1 have done in the five years since it came out. At the time, the fresh new cartoonists within were hailed as a new force in the industry — and they have mostly gone on to very productive careers in animation and comics. Kazu didn’t include last names, so they’ve been added:

7 out of 19 have worked on completed films, either as production designers or story artists:
– Enrico Casarosa (Ratatouille, Up)
– Jake Parker (Horton Hears a Who!)
– Vera Brosgol (Coraline)
– Khang Le (Monster House)
– Chris Appelhans (Monster House, City of Ember, Coraline, Fantastic Mr. Fox)
– Phil Craven (Kung Fu Panda, the forthcoming Kung Fu Panda 2)
– Clio Chiang (the forthcoming Princess and the Frog)

11 out of 19 have published one or more graphic novels (or will have a graphic novel published in 2010):

– Enrico Casarosa (The Venice Chronicles)
– Kazu Kibuishi (Daisy Kutter, Amulet, the forthcoming Copper collection)
– Jake Parker (Missile Mouse, forthcoming Scholastic GNs)
– Vera Brosgol (forthcoming First Second GN)
– Jen Wang (forthcoming First Second GN)
– Neil Babra (Hamlet)
– Bengal (Meka, Naja)
– Dylan Meconis (Wire Mothers: Harry Harlow and the Science of Love, Bite Me!)
– Derek Kirk Kim (Good as Lily, The Eternal Smile)
– Rad Sechrist (Tom Sawyer)
– Kean Soo (Jellaby)

It’s certainly an impressive body of work — especially where comics for kids are concerned. But as Kazu notes, it perhaps wasn’t as much a movement as some very talented people who came together. And of the 12 who had webcomics running at the time, only 3 do now.


  1. Sorry about all the errors — since Kean didn’t list the last names I got them off Amazon and they were wrong.

    And the other mistake (Kean for Kazu) was just dumb! Anyway…onwards and upwards with the arts!

  2. “I got [the names] off Amazon and they were wrong…”

    Well that’s not too embarrassing, is it?

    I’ve had the names corrected on the RandomHouse.com website, and hopefully that information will flow out so that Amazon can correct its data in due course.

    On behalf of Villard Books, let me extend long-belated-but-no-less-heartfelt apologies for the errors in contributors’ names in the information associated with this book.

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