The last issue of Jimmie Robinson’s five-issue miniseries Five Weapons – which is fantastic – was published this week. And it came with the welcome news that the mini has been pushed up into an ongoing, restarting in January next year!


The news was announced in the final issue of the series, and has been confirmed by Robinson on Twitter:


Robinson writes, draws, letters, provides catering services and hairdressing for the series (as far as I can tell, the man can do anything), which was critically acclaimed when it started earlier this year. Paul Little colours the book. Telling the story of a school for assassins – and one pupil’s pacifist journey through the system – the book has left open a number of mysteries which will be dealt with when it restarts next year. What’s going on with the nurse? What is the real Tyler Shainline plotting? And what is the REAL real Tyler Shainline plotting?


  1. Well, I do color my covers (as shown in your article above) and all promotional art. Paul, who is great (and will continue in the ongoing series) colors all the interiors. So, technically, you’re both right. Haha!

    If I had the time I’d color the book myself… but (1) I don’t have a time machine, and (2) it wouldn’t be Paul’s signature style — which I like a lot.

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