Disney and Top Shelf have released the first image of Bruce Willis in THE SURROGATES, or as Leigh Walton puts it:

Exciting news — Disney/Touchstone has released the first production still from the upcoming SURROGATES movie, based on the Top Shelf graphic novel by Robert Venditti and Brett Weldele! Here we see Bruce Willis as Agent Greer… or is it his surrogate?!

The film’s release date is September 25, 2009 — principal shooting wrapped some time ago, as I understand it, and they’re in the midst of some intense post-production work.

The SURROGATES graphic novel is in stock at and in fine stores everywhere (and makes a great gift). The prequel graphic novel, SURROGATES: FLESH AND BONE, is scheduled for July 2009!

We especially like how Willis has mastered the “butt AND face to the camera” pose that is usually seen from female action stars. Willis is versatile, no question.


  1. eh, that’s just an image from the film, it’s not like they’re gonna be using it for the promo pic or anything! ;)