During SDCC 2018, a few months before the DC Universe streaming platform launched, a Stargirl live-action series was announced with writer Geoff Johns penning and serving as executive producer on the series featuring the eponymous character he created two decades ago in the pages of DC Comics.

Not surprisingly, it’s a character and project near and dear to Johns’ heart.

“Obviously, Stargirl was the first character I created for DC,” Johns told me Thursday of the 1999 debuting stepdaughter of the Star-Spangled Kid. “Most important, Courtney Whitmore was inspired by my sister who passed away,” he added. “To have an opportunity to tell a story celebrating this superhero was literally the first thing I wanted to do because it is so personal to me. Also, a character that speaks to being young, to a legacy and to pushing forward seems so important to me nowadays.”

With actress Brec Bassinger set to play the titular heroine, many notable names have been cast in the Stargirl show including Courtney’s blended family made up of Luke Wilson as Courtney’s stepfather and pilot of the S.T.R.I.P.E. robot Pat Dugan, Amy Smart as Barbara Whitmore, and Trae Romano as Mike Dugan.

At WonderCon earlier this year, we got our first image of Brec Bassinger in the Stargirl outfit. Despite the presence of the DC Universe at SDCC last month, there was no news or updates about the show. However, while celebrating the show’s wrap party yesterday, on her Instagram Bassinger posted a photo of the “Dugmore” family.

Originally set to premiere in the fall of 2019, the release date of Stargirl has since been pushed to 2020.

The official DC Universe synopsis of Stargirl:

Stargirl follows high school sophomore Courtney Whitmore as she inspires an unlikely group of young heroes to stop the villains of the past. This new drama reimagines Stargirl and the very first superhero team, the Justice Society of America, in an unpredictable series.